National Summit 2021

July 20–22

For Your Students

We're delighted to offer students participating in Uncharted Learning Programs the opportunity to showcase their hard work and creative thinking and be rewarded for their effort.  For the second year in a row, Uncharted Learning is offering three options for students.  We encourage all students participate, and work with their teachers to submit. Keep reading for more details on the opportunities.


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7th Annual INCubatoredu National Pitch

The INCubatoredu National Pitch invites student teams to submit to pitch their businesses and compete for funding at a national level.  Each team competing in the National Pitch must have completed the year-long INCubatoredu program, and are nominated by their school.  This is a unique opportunity for INCubatoredu student teams to level up skills to compete for real funding from a panel of startup business investors at the national level.  We will prep teams and teachers on how this will work virtually.

Contest Details

MobileMakersEdu 'App Idea' Pitch

This contest invites MobileMakersedu students from across the nation to work independently or with up to two other MME students/grads to pitch an app that solves a problem they care about.  Students do not need to build the app, but the Pitch will demonstrate their knowledge of the Swift programming language or Xcode.  Students submit their entry via video, and three entries will win awesome prizes!

Contest Details

The 'GritGrant'

The McKenzie Family Foundation in partnership with Uncharted Learning is offering $2,500 grants to four high school students who demonstrate and personify perseverance and grit.  Letters of recommendation should be submitted by the student's teacher, and no minimum GPA is required.

Contest Details

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Check out past winners of INCubatoredu National Pitch


Walk Thru makes virtual reality accessible. Because exploration has no limits.

Unlimited VR streaming, all in one place. Keep seniors engaged. WalkThru can be a real game-changer for activity directors and residents alike.

Blake Reid, Amod Daherkar, Allen Lantz, Cameron Carlson, Niharika Dahal, Vista Ridge High School, Cedar Park, TX


TimeTek - a planner with unlimited possibilities to discover efficient time management

Time management app that uses advanced voice features and an interactive agenda to provide Generation Z students with a virtual personal assistant..

Tanvi Jammula and Sarah Naghmi, Academy of Engineering and Technology Lake High School, Leesburg, VA


Allergenius Baking Company...Anyone can eat it, everyone will love it! 

Creating bake goods free of the 14 most common food allergens, and changing the baking industry from the inside out.  You no longer have to make the choice between safe vs. tasty treats if you have a food allergy.  

Madeline Cook, Josh James, Anya Ranjan,  Wheaton North High School, Wheaton, IL


Evendtor solves a two-sided problem

Evendtor helps schools or other organizations easily and efficiently show appreciation for staff or students. At the same time, Evendtor provides opportunities for food truck vendors to get valuable revenue during slow seasons.

Jalen Ponder, Maggie Yoho, Jordan Diehl, Hononegah High School, Rockton, IL


Chore Champion is the solution to getting kids to do chores

A revolutionary mobile app to help families with chores.  No more conflicts, children get rewards they care about.

Kayson Marler & Julian Sanchez,  Loveland High School, Loveland, CO


“It‘s really cool to go out and really make a difference”

“All of us are really passionate about the environment, and a world free of plastic pollution. And, to solve a problem just using our own solution and creating a business out of it is really interesting.  Grace Maloney

Vrushti Joshi, Pranavi Karnati, Grace Maloney, Azrin Rahman, Lori Stone, Academy of Engineering and Technology, Leesburg, VA


GameTime Live...Don't just watch the game, play the game

GameTime is an app that allows sports fans to predict small outcomes as they unfold during a sporting event. Users compete against one another to win prize money.

Wes Mizell, Reed Senterfitt, Hudson Yancer, Thad Hutcheson, Ben Pankonien, Westlake High School, Austin, TX

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