National Summit 2023



Frequently Asked Questions


I see this is a 'members-only event.' What does that mean? And, how can I become a member?

A 'member' is a district or school that has contracted with Uncharted Learning, or a UL program volunteer and community member, or a Summit session leader.  Summit is a comprehensive and motivating event that is central to the professional development we offer members as part of the programs we offer.  Our programs include curriculum, resources, and rich professional development.  Learn more here. 

I’m a  teacher who has been teaching Uncharted Learning programs, when should I attend?  
  • mxINCedu - 7.10 - 7.11 (in Chicago)
  • INCubatoredu - 7.10 - 7.11 (in Chicago)
  • ACCELeratoredu (INCubatoredu second-year program) - 7.10 - 7.11 (in Chicago)
I’m a teacher NEW to Uncharted Learning, when should I attend to participate and train?
  • mxINCedu - 7.10 - 7.11 (in Chicago)
  • INCubatoredu - 7.10 - 7.11 (in Chicago)
I’m a teacher who attended training for my program in past years, am I able to attend this year’s in-person training?
  • Teachers who were trained on INCubatoredu or mxINCedu in past years, either in-person or virtual, are welcome (not required) to attend training for their programs for a second year. We recognize that one of the best ways to learn is to share with others, and attending a second year of training is one way to do that.  

I’m an INCubatoredu teacher adding the second-year program (ACCELeratoredu), when do I train?
  • ACCELeratoredu - 7.10 (in Chicago)

I’m an administrator new to Uncharted Learning, are there trainings or general sessions that I should attend?
  • mxINCedu Admin:  No special training, but join us for inspiring general sessions on 7.10 - 7.11 (in Chicago) 

  • INCubatoredu Admin:  Training on the afternoon of 7.10 (in Chicago), and also join us for general sessions on 7.10 - 7.11 (in Chicago) 

What should I wear? 
  • We are going for business casual. This means that t-shirts and jeans are just as acceptable as polos and dresses. Ties are not required. 

How can I convince my school to sponsor my attendance? 
Are there virtual options? 
  • We offer virtual training for individuals NEW to INCubatoredu and mxINCedu at the end of July for those who are unable to attend in person. Reach out to your Program Manager to register (if you don't know your Program Manager, contact us at

  • Training is mandatory for teachers new to a program, and we promise it will be worth your while! 

Registration—I already get emails from Uncharted Learning. Do I still need to register for the conference?
  • Yes, you need to register to let us know that you will be attending. If you have not registered, now is the time—Space is limited to the first 250 registrants! Register HERE.

Cost—Are there registration fees for this Summit or training?
  • Fees are included with your school's membership—no additional fees are required for Summit and training. Breakfast and lunch will be provided. Travel and hotel costs are not covered by the membership. You can use our Letter of Justification template (download here or copy and modify) to request travel support from your school. Professional development and additional training continue throughout the school year through virtual meetups and collaboration in a private online community and one-to-one consultations. 

I am brand new to Uncharted Learning and/or I am nervous about training—What can I expect?
  • We have a robust curriculum planned for all involved members: teachers, administrators, and community champions. Training participants are expected to attend from start to finish each day of their training.

  • There will be some required prep work before the in-person training which will prepare you to hit the ground running when we're together in July.  Throughout your first year of teaching, there will be optional training sessions to help you 'just in time' for teaching content.  You will receive information about all this via email.

Will I receive Continuing Professional Development Unit (CPDU) credits for attending Summit?
  • Yes, Uncharted Learning will continue to provide Continuing Professional Development Unit (CPDU) credits for those who have completed the training and have verified attendance.

INCubatoredu National Pitch—What is this?
  • A live, showcase event where INCubatoredu student teams from across the country come together in Chicago to pitch to investors and compete for real funding.  Each year, dozens of student teams submit to be a part of this annual event, and just five are selected to be 'finalists' to pitch in Chicago.  All you need to know about submission requirements and the selection process will be shared this spring.  Please encourage your students to submit! Travel sponsorships are available to students in need of support. More info HERE.

  • The National Pitch will be held in person and live-streamed virtually and synchronously so that both live and online audiences can tune in and see student pitches.

Teacher Recognition—What is this?
  • We recognize teachers who contribute to our professional learning communities.  Since 2014, hundreds of teachers have been recognized as 'Master', 'Leader', and 'Certified'.  Summit provides an opportunity for us to spotlight and applaud teachers!  Make sure you have submitted your activity HERE

Help! I need to talk to a human, who can I contact?
  • If you have a Program Manager or Member Development contact, please reach out to them directly with your questions. If you do not have anyone to contact, send an email to

I’m a MobileMakersEdu Teacher, can I attend? 
  • If you’d like to attend Summit, you may, but there will be no app development-specific sessions. This year, sessions are intended to level up Uncharted Learning entrepreneurship programs. 

  • For MobileMakersEdu educators, we are offering the following: 

    • Virtual Curriculum Kickoff on 6.23.23

    • Virtual Synchronous SwiftUI Workshop on 8.1.23,  10AM - 12PM CST

    • Asynchronous Industry Connection Event - details to come spring 2023