National Summit 2023

July 10 & 11


2-Day Schedule & Session Highlights 

Full Schedule Posted May 1st

We're thrilled to announce keynote events!  Hear from dynamic speakers who champion entrepreneurship at global companies that set the bar for innovation, talent development and productivity.  Neal Sales-Griffin, Managing Director of Techstars, and Maria Flynn, Founder & CEO, Ambiologix.  National Pitch is a not-to-be-missed event on Tuesday, where INCubatoredu students pitch to a panel of real investors to win funding.

More sessions added weekly—We are working on curating 'master-class' style events...information and content that is actionable, relatable, and motivating.  You'll leave this event with a new or bolstered 'entrepreneurship education' toolkit!

Summit 2023 At-A-Glance - 6.8.23

Summit Session Highlights

Check back, more sessions to come!

Neal Sales-Griffin

Opening Keynote: Why Does Entrepreneurship Matter and How Can We Cultivate Communities to Nurture It?

Monday, July 10, 9:15AM

Neal Sales-Griffin

Managing Director, Techstars Chicago, (global startup accelerator)

"As founders, we’re at the forefront of solving meaningful problems in the world. Intentionality around diversity and inclusion affords us insight and heightened awareness of unique opportunities. When you’re intentional about including people with diverse perspectives and experiences, you learn about problems you wouldn’t otherwise know of. You also uncover innovative solutions you wouldn’t otherwise think of." - Neal on the Techstars blog
Demi Pratt

Just Do It!

Monday, July 10, 10:15AM

Demi Pratt

INCubatoredu Teacher, 'The MILE'— Midlothian Innovative Learning Experience

Taking a lesson from Nike's marketing campaign to support students through the interview process. Transforming students from reservation and hesitation to information and insight through meaningful conversations.
Theodore Ullrich

Prototyping at Tomorrow Lab®, a Hardware Invention Studio

Monday, July 10, 1:00PM

Theodore Ullrich

Partner & Co-Founder, TomorrowLab®

Prototyping itself is an interative process. Learn philosphies on prototyping, review case studies of launched products, and tinker with Tomorrow Lab's Product Feature Strategy & Prototyping Plan Template.
Maria Flynn

Keynote: Make Opportunity Happen—Strategies for Getting Things Done in an Entrepreneur's World

Tuesday, July 11, 9:00AM

Maria Flynn

Founder & CEO, Ambiologix

At their core, entrepreneurs are about making opportunities happen. When you see the big headlines, you think the stars must have aligned for these headlines to happen. But when you study entrepreneurs' stories, you realize these entrepreneurs are moving stars into place with a lot of hard work, grit, guts, stamina, and perseverance rather than letting stars just fall into place.
Denise Andrews

We Belong: Creating a Culture of Validation in the Classroom

Tuesday, July 11, 10:00AM

Denise Andrews

INCubatoredu Teacher, Leroy Greene Academy

Denise speaks from a place of passion and experience and share ideas for how to build up class confidence, strengthen startup teams and center student voices to fuel change in the classroom and greater community.
Jarvis Moore

Accelerating Product Success with Human-Centered Design

Tuesday, July 11, 11:00AM

Jarvis Moore

Senior Product Designer-Design Systems, Linked In

This hands on workshop will cover key concepts such as defining user needs, generating ideas, prototyping, and testing. Through a series of hands-on exercises, participants will learn how to apply these concepts in a practical setting and gain a deeper understanding of the importance of user-centered design in the product development process.
Bruno Rodrigues

Working Like a Googler - Goal-setting, Performance Management & Collaboration

Tuesday, July 11, 1:30PM

Bruno Rodrigues

Field Sales-Strategic Growth Team, Google

Ever wonder how Google gets so much done? In this session a 5-year Googler will review some of the best practices developed and used by Google to help them operate in highly functional & collaborative teams. Walk away with tips to maximize productivity and tools for goal-setting and organizing and managing tasks owned by multiple stakeholders.